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918kiss plus Agent Co., Ltd.
President: Norio Nakajima


Kyoto Prefecture, Seven Shotengai (Nagaokakyo, Kyoto Prefecture; Sadanobu Hayashi, Chairman), and 918kiss plus Agent Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagaokakyo, Kyoto Prefecture; Norio Nakajima, President) are carrying out a verification test of a system using visualization of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air in shops located in the Seven Shotengai shopping district with a view toward reducing the infection risk from the novel coronavirus.



Noting that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air can serve as a useful index of “adequate ventilation,” a key measure for reducing the risk of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic, shops located in the Seven Shotengai shopping district are measuring and analyzing the carbon dioxide concentration levels and investigating appropriate safety measures based on the data.



The shops of the Seven Shotengai shopping district cover a wide range of businesses. Sensors have been installed in each participating shop to measure carbon dioxide concentration levels, and the data is sent automatically to 918kiss plus Agent.
918kiss plus Agent uses AI and advanced algorithms to analyze whether the carbon dioxide concentration at each shop is trending upward or downward and shares carbon dioxide concentration data for each type of business within the Kyoto Prefecture.
Individual shops can use the predictive functionality of the system to implement ventilation measures with a quantitative basis, thereby enabling them to take measures that further enhance safety.



20 shops in the Seven Shotengai shopping district (12 restaurants, three retail shops, and five service businesses)


Three months, beginning mid-May 2021



AIRSual from 918kiss plus Agent
(Recommended by the “Restaurants of Kyoto” Project to Improve Safety Measures.*)


* Kyoto Prefecture’s “Restaurants of Kyoto” Project to Improve Safety Measures (budget for fiscal 2021: ¥1,750 million)
This is the first project in Japan to monitor carbon dioxide concentration, etc., in businesses such as restaurants to improve safety measures intended to reduce the infection risk from the novel coronavirus. Acceptance of applications from restaurants began on May 7 and is still ongoing. In June, the eligible businesses will be extended to other shopping districts and shopping malls and efforts will be started to encourage the implementation of safety measures throughout the entire region. Monitoring under the “Restaurants of Kyoto” Project to Improve Safety Measures is scheduled to start on July 1, and the results of the present verification test will be provided as reference data for the project.


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